What is DropBit?

DropBit is a mobile Bitcoin wallet and is the simplest way to send Bitcoin. You can download the wallet in the iOS and Google Play stores, or by clicking here https://DropBit.app/download

What can DropBit do?

  • 1. Recover your wallet by importing 12 recovery words

  • 2. Show details of all of your ingoing/outgoing transactions

  • 3. Use your device's camera to scan addresses in QR code

  • 4. Send Bitcoin to phone contacts, Twitter or DropBit.me users, even if they don’t yet have a Bitcoin wallet

Do you provide any public source?

Yes, DropBit is open source. https://github.com/coinninjadev

Is DropBit an HD wallet?

Yes, DropBit is an HD (or "hierarchical deterministic") wallet. That means a new, unique address will be generated every time you send or receive funds, which makes your transactions harder to track, keeping your financial business yours. There’s no need to back up each address separately, each of them can always be restored using your wallet’s 12 recovery words. All addresses generated from the same wallet can be used to receive funds, and all funds sent to any of these addresses will show up in your balance. The balance you see on your main wallet screens represent the total sum between those addresses.

Issues with viewing the app?

If you are having issues viewing content within the app (text being cut-off, running off the screen or issues with the appearance of buttons), first go to the App Store or Play Store and make sure you’re using the latest version of DropBit. These types of issues may occur if you have changed any screen/text/font settings in your device’s ACCESSIBILITY. Common causes are using larger than normal text size or enabling a zoom (increasing the size of what appears in your screen). These features may need to be turned off or altered to view your DropBit app as it was intended.

Make sure that your device’s time and date settings are set to AUTOMATIC. We require accurate time signatures to prevent replay attacks against our servers and promote wallet security. If you are using MANUAL time/date settings, you will not be able to properly use your wallet in the DropBit app.